1. Family is the cornerstone in the foundation of our society and our nation.

2. Fundamental rights are the corner stones in the foundation of the Family. The most precious fundamental right is the Parent-Child relationship.

3. The systematic destruction of the family is highly visible in America and is leading inexorably to the destruction of our society and our nation.

4. The systematic destruction of the family is taking place in America because with impunity states, at all levels of government, are violating and abridging fundamental rights.

5. State government violates and abridges fundamental rights when state agencies and state courts wrongfully and absentjust cause, usurp parental authority and responsibility and interfere with familial relationships.

6. The systematic destruction of the family takes place when federal courts, as exemplified by the9th Circuit Court of Appeals, decimate the family and abridge and violate fundamental rights with decisions that usurp parental authorityand/or responsibility and substitute same with that of the states.

7. The systematic destruction of the family is happening when state government violates and abridges fundamentalrights with the aid offederal courts because the federal government has not passed legislation that recognizes and protects fundamental rights.

8. The states’ systematic destruction of the family by violating and abridging fundamental rights includes consequences that include but are not limited too:

A) The overall dismal plight of children in America:

  • i) The death of children under ‘state supervision’;
  • ii) Children taken by state agencies without justification of removal and without formal terminationofparental rights and the placing of those children into the system understatesupervision;
  • iii) The medication of children, absent parental knowledge and/or consent;
  • iv) The utilization of a custodial - non-custodial paradigm, a winner-take-all policy, by which states disenfranchise one parent and decimate the relationship of one biological side of the child's family and giving children a myopic and distorted view of relationships and the value thereof;
  • v) The undisputed statistics that evidence that thevast majority of social ills are associated with children beingraised by one parent.
  • vi) The dramatic drop in the scholastic engagement and achievement of boys in school;

B) The overall dismalplightofparents, grandparents and the extended family in America:

  • i)Crosses all social, cultural and economic lines;
  • ii)Is a burden to women;
  • iii)Disenfranchises men;
  • iv)Separates children from grand parents and the extended family;
  • v) Destroys the inherent intergenerational dependency of the family:
  • vi)Is a poor example to children who see ‘carnage’ in place of family;
  • vii)Creates stress and poor health issues.

C) The wasteful dissipation of state and federal tax revenue:

  • i ) Squandering and misuse of Title IV funding;
  • ii) Squandering ofand misuse of Educational funding
  • iii)Increases unemployment and poverty.

D) The overall cost to corporate America and consumers:

  • i) The loss of productivity in the American workplace due too: absenteeism,pre-occupation, accidents and depression effecting millions of citizens who work and face family crisis is staggering;
  • ii) Absenteeism,pre-occupation, accidents and depression in familial crisis is exacerbated by state policiesandprocedureswhich allow state agencies and courts toabusediscretion because states are not mandated to recognize and protect fundamental rights;
  • iii) The costs associated with the above equate to higher overhead,poorer quality goods and less production hence more costly goods to consumers.

9. The systematic destruction of the family can only be stopped with the passage of federal legislation that recognizes and protects fundamental rights.

10. The Family Preservation and Reconciliation Act’ (FPRA) recognizes and protects the most precious fundamental right, the Parent-Child relationship. Passage of FPRA will curtail and substantially diminish the unjustified violation and abridging of fundamental rights by the state governments at all levels and by federal courts. Passage ofFPRA will help torestore the stability and integrity of the Family by reducing the incentives for adversarial proceedings in family matters. Passage of FPRA likewise benefits the business community and the economy, as a whole, because reducing the incentives for adversarial proceedings in family matters creates more stable productive individuals.


FPRA of 2007
FPRA Family Matters
FPRA Extended Family
FPRA Preamble